Basix 4 Blokes TV

“WHAT’S on your PLATE?”

This is the unique vehicle to promote the aspirations and message of Basix 4 Blokes Charity and will be included on our YouTube Channel.

The program is a hybrid of a few show “styles” with the intent of attracting a male audience that can then be exposed to the issues and solutions that the charity is addressing. The cooking element is aimed at teaching men how to cook a specific type of food rather than a particular recipe. For example, a roast, gluten free meals, a stir fry, a healthy vegetarian meal, curry, a whole food meal…

Each episode will involve a male with a public profile, who has experienced and conquered a health crisis.

The guest will choose a type of food he would like to become competent in cooking. We will then source a chef from a restaurant that is highly regarded for cooking the type of food the guest has nominated Each episode will have the following format:

The guest will be introduced to the chef

The chef will give the guest a cooking lesson on his requested food/cooking style, whilst engaging in a fun conversation that sets the context of what the guest is famous for

The chef, the guest and myself will sample the food that has been prepared

I will host a couch conversation with the guest, unpacking the internal experience side of the guest’s health journey

An opportunity for the guest to articulate any particular messages for men regarding their health

A very brief overview of the Basix 4 Blokes Charity and what it exists for.

An invitation to keep informed about the activities and opportunities Basix 4 Blokes is undertaking by joining the Basix 4 Blokes Tribe email list