Basix 4 Blokes is a charity created to assist men with health issues, especially discussing health with each other and to provide a platform for men to understand and identify illness and receive support to help themselves and others.

Basix 4 Blokes Charity raises funds to create awareness, for medical support, specialist referral and financial support for specific cases with our Core Mission being:

To encourage and empower blokes to talk more about their health by facilitate men becoming more generally emotionally literate.
To achieve the above through engaging and enjoyable processes that are both broad spectrum and individual in delivery.

The Reasons

In general, men tend to neglect addressing health issues until they become serious/restrictive, however it is clear the earlier health issues are addressed the better the chance of recovery.

The Elements

Basix 4 Blokes has 2 Core elements being the charity to raise funds and the television program titled “Basix 4 Blokes TV” which will air on Free to Air television in 2021.

Encouraging and empowering men
to talk more about their health

About the founder

My name is Richard Paterson, and I am an ordinary bloke who has been on somewhat of an extraordinary journey, but I want to make my journey count. So I am using my experiences to serve as the foundation of learning how to help other blokes cope a bit better with their life – especially if/when they encounter health challenges.

My mission now is to raise the volume on the need for us blokes to talk about our health and help each other toward better health. I want to add years to men’s lives, but also life to men’s years. I am full of passion and I will get this done, whatever it takes. Already my passion has drawn some amazing resources to enable this significant work to save and improve the lives of Aussie Blokes – dramatically!

basix 4 blokes TV

The program is a hybrid of a few show “styles” with the intent of attracting a male audience that can then be exposed to the issues and solutions that the charity is addressing. The cooking element is aimed at teaching men how to cook a specific type of food rather than a particular recipe. For example, a roast, a stir fry, a healthy vegetarian meal, curry, a whole food meal.

Each episode will involve a male with a public profile, who has experienced and conquered a health crisis. The guest will choose a type of food he would like to become competent in cooking. We will then source a chef from a restaurant that is highly regarded for cooking the type of food the guest has nominated.