Basix 4 Blokes TV

"WHAT’S on your PLATE?"

This is the unique vehicle to promote the aspirations and message of Basix 4 Blokes Charity.

The program is a hybrid of a few show “styles” with the intent of attracting a male audience that can then be exposed to the issues and solutions that the charity is addressing. The cooking element is aimed at teaching men how to cook a specific type of food rather than a particular recipe. For example, a roast, gluten free meals, a stir fry, a healthy vegetarian meal, curry, a whole food meal…

Each episode will involve a male with a public profile, who has experienced and conquered a health crisis (AFL player & coach, Jarryd Roughead is the guest for the Pilot Episode).

The guest will choose a type of food he would like to become competent in cooking. We will then source a chef from a restaurant that is highly regarded for cooking the type of food the guest has nominated Each episode will have the following format:

  1. The guest will arrive in a fancy/unique car provided by Duttons Garage
  2. The Dutton’s driver will give an overview of the vehicle the guest has been delivered in
  3. The guest will be taken to the kitchen and then introduced to the chef
  4. The restaurant the chef is from will get a short history/overview
  5. The chef will give the guest a cooking lesson on his requested food/cooking style, whilst engaging in a fun conversation that sets the context of what the guest is famous for
  6. The chef, the guest and myself will sample the food that has been prepared
  7. I will host a couch conversation with the guest, unpacking the emotions/feelings side of the guest’s health journey, such as:
    • The internal activity when he 1st received his diagnosis
    • How did he tell his wife/kids/parents etc
    • What sort of reactions did his mates have when they found out
    • Anything specific someone did that was helpful/unhelpful
    • How his life is affected now by his health journey
  8. An opportunity for the guest to articulate any particular messages for men regarding their health
  9. A very brief overview of the Basix 4 Blokes Charity and what it exists for.
  10. An invitation to keep informed about the activities and opportunities Basix 4 Blokes is undertaking by joining the Basix 4 Blokes Tribe email list