Basix 4 Blokes Charity

The most important part of the whole venture is a vehicle by which we can actually help men to talk about their health, manage their health challenges better and to improve their emotional literacy.

The main program will be running workshops where men will explore emotions and how to support each other. Empathy is a significant pillar in this process. The two critical issues are:

  • better self understanding (emotional literacy)
  • better understanding the needs of others (empathy)

To ensure these programs are based on legitimate psychological footing, we will partner with the psychology department of a University and jointly create a workshop program that can be facilitated by graduates of the program as volunteers in their local community. My plan is to have these programs funded by local Service Clubs so they are empowering men in their own community. Better men will create better families, workplaces and communities. Graduates who are interested can also undertake further training to become a Journeying Mate for another bloke who is struggling with a health challenges, By this, we build a Volunteer Army of men to help men.

We will also create a comprehensive resource base of referral organisations and services for men with compromised health. Our focus will be primarily on the emotional management of personal illness.

In addition, we will invite applications for specific support for individuals who have seriously compromised health. This may be sponsorship of counselling, specific physical need/s, or something as simple as helping to enable a distraction such as guitar lessons and a guitar for a bloke who cannot afford it.

In all we do, we are focused on building fences at the top of the cliff so we don’t need an ambulance service at the bottom.