Basix 4 Blokes Charity

The most important part of the whole venture is a vehicle by which we can actually help men to take ownership of their own health by talking about their health, managing their health challenges better and improving their emotional literacy.

Co-ordinated with our public awareness campaigns, the main programs will be:

1. Running an online course, and an extended live workshop version where men will explore internal activity (better self understanding – emotional literacy) and how to create safe environments for health related conversations with each other (better understanding the needs of others empathy)

We want men to become more:

  • Compassionate
  • Available
  • Validating
  • Empathetic (CAVEmen)

2. Establishing local Walking Groups for men to join and participate in. These will be called:

  • Walk
  • And
  • Talk
  • Time (WATT groups)

This will a regular time where men meet and walk together with a specific focus on having conversations around their health as they exercise together.

3. Publishing a monthly newsletter with valuable, useable content that will assist men to improve their general health.

4. Creation of a Business 4 Blokes Directory containing businesses that support the work of Basix 4 Blokes as a go to resource for those who want to support those who support us.

In all we do, we are focused on building fences at the top of the cliff so we don’t need an ambulance service at the bottom.