About the founder

By way of introduction, I am Richard Paterson – the one entrusted with the dream of creating this Charity and TV program.

I am an ordinary bloke who has been on somewhat of an extraordinary journey. But I want to make my journey count. So I am using my experiences to serve as the foundation of learning how to help other blokes cope a bit better with their life – especially if/when they encounter health challenges.

My life as a dad is somewhat unusual, in that I have raised my son on my own since he was 4 (he is now 20). My journey has included 8 years of litigation in the Family Court, whilst raising my precious boy alone. That was tough for everyone involved. Simultaneously I had to hold down a well paid job to finance the process.

Not surprisingly, I found myself with an array of less-than-ideal health conditions. The worst was the discovery of a “precancer” condition. As life was hectic, as many men do, I put my health at the lower end of my priorities. And I chose (typical bloke!!!) not to discuss the diagnosis with anyone. I just “sucked it up” and moved on.

However, one morning, 2 years after the diagnosis, I woke up and my immediate thought was “what happens to Dylan (my son) if this becomes cancer?” That catapulted me into action.

I shall spare the minute details but suffice to say the condition was more serious than if I had have attended to it earlier. I heard a saying “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is NOW”. I applied this to my health, and I knuckled down to taking back control of MY HEALTH.

Fast track to today, and I have got back in the driver’s seat (displacing fate). I have dropped 46 kgs and negated the need for 6 of the 7 prescription drugs I was needing.

My mission now is to raise the volume on the need for us blokes to talk about our health and help each other toward better health. I want to add years to men’s lives, but also life to men’s years. I am full of passion and I will get this done, whatever it takes. Already my passion has drawn some amazing resources to enable this significant work to save and improve the lives of Aussie Blokes – dramatically!